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Our company specializes in resolving problems caused by birds in Bradenton, Florida, both residential and commerical. We handle bird species such as pigeons, starlings, grackles, sparros, and even Canada Geese and woodpeckers. We generally don't kill birds - we prevent them from causing problems. Most commonly, this means that we install barriers that prevent them access to your building or property, or anti-roosting devices that prevent them from landing, nesting, or roosting on your home, store, building, or anywhere. We use netting, needle strips, shock track, and more. We do offer trapping in some cases, and removal of birds from warehouses, grocery stores, or other commerical or industrial buildings by netting or sometimes pellet shooting. We have a wide variety of tools and methods for solving every manner of bird problem. Call us at 941-999-2892 to discuss your bird problem today.



Stop Birds From Accessing Your Space

We stop birds from entering almost any space by installing netting. It is strong and durable, but thin and black so that it is not visually distracting. We can prevent birds from flying or roosting under awnings, roofs, or any other architectural area.



Stop Birds From Landing Or Roosting

We install needle strips or shock track on ledges, beams, the tops of signs, and anywhere birds are roosting and causing unsightly and unhealthy droppings. We can reach any area with our ladders and boom lifts.



We Clean Droppings and Nesting Material

Birds can make a mess with their droppings - on your building, roof, or the ground, or any other area. Sometimes bird guano and nesting material accumulate. We professionally clean and decontaminate the area.

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Bird infestation can be a troubling matter, but it can even become more challenging if you choose the wrong service provider who will help you. You want a company that will not only remove the animal but also upholds the customer's protection, health, and comfort. We can customize our service depending on the individual needs of our customers. Our mission is to be the best service provider in the local area. As our company continues to grow, we hope that we can soon expand our area of operation in the nearby states. We value all of our customers regardless of their size and guarantee that we will provide them with constant attention and consistent results. Hopefully, our actions will lead to a long-term relationship and continued patronage of our service. We are the only company that can deliver an all-inclusive bird removal service. We have the people proficient in setting traps, installing deterrents, identifying the vulnerable areas of your home, and modifying the area for preventive measures. We also offer clean-up and sanitation service that guarantees that all microorganisms that can cause zoonotic illnesses will be eradicated. We have been cited by different organizations as one of the best wildlife control providers in the country.

Pigeons & SLEV - How Can You Avoid Pigeon Diseases

Unlike other pigeon-spread diseases, such as E.coli and salmonella, SLEV, also known as St. Louis Encephalitis or Saint Louis Encephalitis, is a disease caused by mosquitos which had fed from birds such as robins, blue jays, house sparrows, and pigeons. The mosquito bites the pigeon, which will have no symptoms of the virus, and then bites a human, passing the virus along.

How common is SLEV in the USA?

The disease itself is actually quite rare, and many humans can become infected with the virus without any knowledge whatsoever. Those that do have symptoms will find that they are easily attributed to another, less-severe condition, such as the common cold or flu. In these cases, the virus comes and goes, leaving very little damage in its wake.

Who can be affected by SLEV?

The elderly population tend to have a much harder time with all zoonotic disease (diseases spread from animals to humans), and young children are also particularly susceptible. Patients with an existing medical condition that could affect the immune system will also find that they are at higher risk.

What are the symptoms of SLEV?

As we previously mentioned, SLEV has symptoms that are very common to other diseases in its earliest and less-severe forms. This might include chills and headaches, muscle aches, a disliking of bright lights, and perhaps a runny nose or sore throat.

In more severe cases, the virus can attack the central nervous system of the patient, and could lead to more intense symptoms — confusion and disorientation, severe headaches, vision problems, a high fever, stiff joints and neck, and perhaps even seizures/unconsciousness. If the condition is not treated or continues to get worse, much worse results could be expected — paralysis, either permanently or temporarily; convulsions and seizures; and even long-term comatose states.

How long do symptoms take to show?

If you are bitten by an infected mosquito (that has bitten an infected pigeon/bird), symptoms can show within a week or so. The incubation time is between five and fifteen days. This is if the symptoms even materialise at all. Most people simply don't realize they are infected.

Can people give SLEV to each other?

No, once the mosquito has contracted the virus from the bird and then passed it over to the human (or other animal), you've reached the end of the line. People can't give this virus to one another. 

How can you avoid SLEV when you have a pest pigeon problem?

As we have mentioned, SLEV is a pretty rare condition, but there are a few parts of the United States in which the virus seems to be more prolific. One region that is hit more often than others is the Gulf Coast, and you can add the Mississippi Valley to that list, too. Moving further across the US, the states found in the southern areas can experience an SLEV problem throughout the year, whereas places considered more temperate will usually have short bursts, usually towards the end of the summer season and into the start of fall.

No matter where you live in the United States (or across the globe) preventing pigeon pest problems is important to avoid the spread of this disease, as well as many others. If you notice that pigeons have started to spend a lot more time on your property, removal and prevention methods must be undertaken immediately, or you can hire a professional to do it on your behalf. The latter is often a quicker and cheaper process in the long run.

Any pigeon feces must be cleaned up right away, as well as other contaminated material (such as, the nest and nesting material), and family members (including pets) should avoid the area until the cleanup mission has been completed. If you are going to clean the mess away yourself, you will need a number of safety and protective items — breathing mask, coveralls and shoe/boot covers, eye protection, and a list of cleaning bits and pieces.

We have the most experience in Bradenton at understanding the nuisance birds of Florida. Our 7 years of experience in the field ensures excellent results.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bird control work. Our work is professional grade and long lasting, usually for the life of the building.

We are fully Florida licensed. We carry the correct safety equipment, and operate in a safe and professional manner to keep your building and people safe.

Call us at 941-999-2892 to discuss your bird problem and our process. We are always responsive by phone. We can usually schedule next-day appointments, and provide written estimates for all our bird work.